Mission Minded


Day 9 (06.30.11)

Aloha family and friends! Thanks again for checking up on us and praying for our missions team. God has been using us in ways we could not imagine. It’s been a blessing being here and bonding with the people of Lipa. They are so hospitable and loving.

As usual we started off the day by praying and reading God’s word. We prayed for connections and divine appointments. After an hour we went to the local mall to eat lunch and to prepare for our busy day ahead. We stayed at the church office for our dance workshop. Hula by Allie and Break dancing by Josh. Everyone had an amazing time laughing and dancing.

Following after the dance workshops the team and a couple locals went to Mcdonalds for bonding and fellowship. Many jokes, mind games, and illusions made a memorable night. It was fun to be able to connect with the locals even though there was a small language barrier. We laughed at each other while teaching different words  and  meanings. We then had to say goodnight and ingat! (take care in tagalog)

1 Corinthinas 12:12 Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.


1. Many lives will be changed from Campus Night.

2. The weather. Clear skies.


Allie Zarsadias

Day 8 (6/29/11)

Today was an awesome blessed day for all of us because we got to go deeper in this mission day. We started of our morning eating breakfast at pastor Reymond’s house. I’d have to say that him and his family is really blessed to have a beautiful house that looks like a hawaii one. Its also amazing how the history of Victory Lipa Church started at their house then grew up to a bigger location in the city. After that, we went back to the hotel to rest. Then round 2 of the day came and we headed to Pasiday to deliver the clothing and food to the affected victims. The story behind Pasiday is that dead fish were washed ashore and that was their only source of living. It was a very humble experience despite of the language barrier. Even though we had a hard time understanding, we still felt God’s presence move throughout the whole service. Also their worship was very humbling because all they had was a singer, no guiatar, drums, nothing but a lady leading worship. For us as the Hawaii team, we blessed them with a song called “How Great is our God”. it was also great that we found a guitar on the side so Marvin played it while Micah led it. God really worked through us today despite of our tiredness. Now down to the last 2 days! Keep us in prayer guys!

-Marvin Bumanglag

Pictures comming soon!


Day 7: 6/28/11

Today was filled with outreach and fellowship as we toured the AMA campus.  God definitely used us today while reaching out to the students. We also had a great time at Victory center, Lipa during our singles and leadership meetings. The mens and womans leadership meetings went well. We were all having a great time reflecting on the message. The singles meeting was also good. We are all thankful for the opportunity to learn more about our relationships with God and with others. Tomorrow we will be preparing for the ”Campus Night” anniversary! So excited to serve! :]

Prayer requests:

That God will give us the energy to serve.

That we will be well rested and prepared for the day.

And that we would serve with a cheerful heart!


-Clyde Weeks

Day 6: 6-27-11

Today we had a break from ministry and had a chance to just chill with the church staff. God has really been doing amazing things in everyone of our lives. Today really gave us the chance to refuel and re-energize for the rest of the week. It gave us a time to really bind with each other as a team and the staff. Kuya Joco, Kuya Aaron, Kuya Jay-R, Kuya Arvin, Ate Joy and Ate Maebelle them were just such a blessing in accompanying is in our hang out time. Today was a great day indeed. Excited for tomorrw’s plans in going to Amma University! Ready to light up that campus and make a difference. God is about to do something great!


Prayer Requests:

-That we find a place to hold LIFEBOX (small group)

-Have many students join and engage in the small group

-more divine opportunities

Thanks for the support.

Be Blessed [:

-J. Sampang

Day 5 Kids church (4 services) 8:30am-11pm

Erickson and Marvin teaching the kids the Scripture Memory Verse! “Matthew 7:21”

Teaching them the action that goes with the scripture.

Wow! Today was an awesome day!!! That was the most EPIC Sunday i ever experienced. Our team was scheduled to serve in the Kids church today. We started their new series called “TAPOUT” And Marvin and I were scheduled to speak in the kids church, we both just expected that Kids Church was just gonna be an OK service, nothing really special, same experience as last year. But God passed our expectations, and more. I feel like we made a great connection with the Kids, even with the language barrier some of us faced, we were still able to impact their lives. The best part of the day was just seeing that child like faith in these children and realizing we all need that with our relationship with God. Also making all the Kids laugh and showing them illustrations, and images of how to surrender or “TAPOUT” to God. This opened my eyes on what i should be doing back at home. I feel that God called me to serve in the KIDS and High School Ministry. Sharing the word of God in KIDS CHURCH 3 out of the 4 services was such a blessing and eye opener to what God wants me to do, where to serve and who to minister to. This day surely expanded everybody’s Faith and expanded our standards and expectations, But we know that God has different standards. No matter how long we were in church and poured out to the Kids, we were still able to WORSHIP God with all of our hearts in the last service of the day and the acoustic worship. After that we all had a choice of going back to the Hotel and rest, Grab food and then rest, or hang out with the locals. Even though everybody was tired we was all still willing to spend time with some of the people in church and the staff! Great time for fellowship. SO VERY EXCITED ON WHAT GOD HAS FOR US! in the upcoming days ^__^ God Bless You All.

Day 4 (06.25.11) Prophetic Presbytery

Aloha from the Philippines! Today we did a Prophetic presbytery for the Lipa church Victory Leaders. It was very Mind blowing how God spoke through us to each individual. Many of us was our first time doing this and a pinch of us did it before, but still, God was there using each of us amazingly that many of the leaders of the church were very amazed at how accurate God spoke to them about their lives. Many of the prophecies that were prophesied over them were about Future leadership in their lives and God telling them to let go of many things that are holding them back from their future. It was an amazing experience for our whole team and the leaders here in Lipa. Also today, we held 2 dance workshops (breakdancing by Josh and Hula by Allie

). At first very few people were showing up but with faith and prayer, almost half the church was filled with people hungry to learn the dances. Today was a great day of fellowship with the Lipa people. Though the enemy tried attacking us, God was there beside us! thank you for your prayers! please keep us in your prayers!

6-24-11 Day 3 “Campus Night” Victory LIpa

Worship at victory Lipa


Hello Everyone just wanted to say sorry for not re bloging the past few days haha. the schedule is really tight here so we promise you guys that we will try our best to blog every night. but anyways today was Victory Lipa campus night. that was really the main highlight of the day because at first it started to rain a a lot during the day like non stop. The typhoon is really hitting us hard but God still made a way for us. Kuya Mark and Kuya Joko was super close in to canceling campus night because of the typhoon but in faith we ALL believe that it was gonna stop the rain and nothing is going to stop Campus night. The funny thing is that about 5:00 the rain completely stop cause Erikson went out in the rain looked up at the clouds and yelled “In Jesus name stop the rain”! And God did! It did not rain for the rest of the day. But we know now why it was raining. Yesterday we went to one of the campus called Da La salle. we met a a lot of new people there and invited them to Campus night but a lot of them said they couldn’t make it cause of school but today because of the rain they got to come to campus night for the first time because the classes that was on the same time as campus night got canceled! So tonight after hearing from the team and staff most of them GOT SAVED for the very first time and they had the largest campus at campus night. God really showed his love on that campus knowing that those were the key people that God wanted us to reach out to. That was really just amazing seeing how God works EVERYTHING out according to his purpose. Well getting in to service now Shawn spoke the message about “family” and Josh, Pam, and Clyde gave their testimonys which changed and impacted so many people that night. The worship was just amazing and our breaking and hula was beast! haha they really liked it and we all made so many connections. And now we cant wait for what else God CAN DO in the next days we are here. I am finish over here and thank you for being patient with all of us and we will update the next as soon as possible.

Prayer request: if you guys can just pray for Clear weather tomorrow as well and pray for the outreach that we do that God will continue to draw in people. the outreach is teaching Hula and Break dancing which Josh and Allie will teach. please keep them in prayer to. Thank you 🙂

Noelito Suga 😀 love you guys!

We arrived safely here in Lipa!

Hey everyone!  We arrived safely here in the Philippines.  Our flight went smoothly and we were greeted at the airport with Lipa church staff- Aaron, Joy, Maebelle, Arvin, and Joco.  We had a great dinner together at Jolibee and later arrived here in Lipa.  All is well and we are all resting.  We are all looking forward to seeing what God will do in and through us this week.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.  Continue to check back often for the latest updates and prayer requests.

We love you all!


Lipa Team

Introducing our Lipa Team!

Thank you God for providing for our team.  Surely God works miracles 🙂  Thank you so much to each and every person who have invested into our lives and most importantly seeded into advancing God’s kingdom in the Philippines.  I know that our God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.  I know that God will bless and provide for you all in abundance.  Please check back often to see how God is moving in and through our team and know that YOU have a part in it.  I know that you’ll be blessed as you check back with us here.  We love you all 😀